Delhi Women need their azaadi too

first_imgSpeaking to Millennium Post, the DCW Chief Swati Maliwal Jaihind still feels that Delhi is the rape capital of the country and women of all classes in the city have many challenges to overcome. She feels that to change this scenario, the first step is to make women feel empowered, which would then lead to a healthy debate towards the strict measures of her ill- treatment by the society and certain men.What according to you are the challenges faced by women of the Capital? Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’In my view, Delhi is still the rape capital of the world and there are various reasons to support my argument. First of all, there is low conviction because of the less charge sheets filed by the police, further there is only one forensic facility under Delhi government which has been run ineffectively. Besides this, women still face inequality. Many of them are not economically empowered and many of them are also sexually harassed in their work place. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixHave women from middle class, upper middle class come out of these challenges and are better off as perceived by many?Not at all! Women of all classes have certain challenges; in fact there are many city women who have come to us saying they are facing extreme domestic violence. I feel that somewhere middle class and upper middle class women still feel dependent on their husband. On International Women’s day, in fact we would be awarding a female cab driver. She was beaten by her husband repeatedly and after a while she left him and today she is an owner of two cabs and is also supporting her children. The need for independence is required among today’s women. You recently expressed disappointment over Union Budget allocation over women welfare. On what areas did you want the allocation to take place?The allocation towards the policing is minuscule. We must realise that the policemen in our city are over worked and work for even 22 hours a day. According to standard procedures, an investigating officer should only solve 50 cases a year, whereas here things are completely different.You were at the forefront of Soni Sori’s treatment. How can her struggle be an inspiration to the women of Delhi?First of all, good news is that she will be discharged soon from the hospital. The very fact that she had fought to protect her ideals is a huge source of inspiration for many. In fact she is so committed that she will go back again to Bastar to fight for her rights.Azaadi is the new buzzword…. How can Delhi women achieve their ‘azaadi’?(Smiles) For me, a Delhi woman needs ‘azaadi’ from her own inhibitions. She must free herself from the the patriarchal mindsets prevalent today and from the judgments she is subjected to for the choices she makes.last_img

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