Arcades are virtually making a comeback with the help of an Oculus

first_imgIf you’ve ever spent an entire weekend in an arcade, you know that there’s no other experience quite like it. To be surrounded by games, each one presenting a unique single player or multi-player challenge, used to be gaming heaven. That experience has been largely replaced by PCs, consoles, and mobile gaming. None of those replacements can really offer that true arcade experience, though, and that’s where the folks at Digital CyberCherries decided to step in.There’s a lot of interesting Oculus Rift experiments happening all over, and while most of them are focused on delivering a new-ish experience inside of a game, some of the most interesting Rift projects are about all of the other stuff. We’ve seen digital movie theaters, entire homes recreated to wander around in, and now an arcade for you to explore.Each of the games in this virtual arcade can be played and enjoyed, but if you’re in the mood for a more portable experience you can pick up a classic Game Boy and squint to make out the screen because it’s dark and you forgot your Light Boy and magnifier at home.New Retro Arcade is an Unreal 4-based tech demo that you can try out for yourself if you have an Oculus Rift. The download button on their site gives you everything you need to get going, and as long as you can get your hands on some stale popcorn and burnt nacho cheese it’ll be just like you remember as a kid. Well, maybe. You probably had less headgear back then.last_img

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