Stay Sharp in NASACertified Sunglasses

first_img Tune In As Brad Pitt Speaks With NASA Astronaut on ISSNASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This Weekend When America’s space program was revving up in the 1980s, NASA was tasked with finding a way to protect astronauts’ eyes from space radiation.Inspired by the peepers of birds of prey, which produce oil droplets that filter out harmful light, scientists developed a selective-filtering capability for cosmonauts.Back on Earth, California-based Eagle Eyes Optics began integrating the polarized lens technology into its sunglasses, promising to block out 99.9 percent of damaging rays—which can impair the retina and cause cataracts—while allowing in vision-enhancing light.Eagle Eyes’ TriLenium Lens Technology with Broad Spectrum Polarization was certified in 2007 by the US Space Foundation and later inducted into the Space Foundation’s NASA Technology Hall of Fame.“Our products cross the bridge of form plus function,” CEO Alan Mittelman said in 2009. “And we have long been proud as being recognized as the brand ‘built on science.’”via Eagle Eyes/NASAHumans are born with clear eyes. But as we age, sensitive tissues are destroyed, and our vision deteriorates. Unfortunately, it can take years to even notice the damage done by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. And by that time, you may have developed cataracts, which can lead to reduced vision and, if left untreated, blindness.“It has only been recently that people started to realize the importance of this,” Mittleman said.Eagle Eyes’ technology is available in three versions—TriLenium (with triple filter polarization), TriLenium 7 (added smudge- and waterproof coating), TriLenium 10 (added anti-glare coating)—and come in a variety of frame materials, styles, and colors (including clip-ons).Eagle Eyes understands the importance of healthy vision, and often donates products to places in need of eye protection, like Alaska, where the sun reflects off of the snow and increases the chances of cataracts. Stay on targetlast_img

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