Rabbi Overjoyed to Pose for Photo with King Mohammed VI in…

Rabat – King Mohammed VI’s Parisian tour continues. The King has been posing for photos with Moroccan and international fans during his stay in France. His latest fan, Israël Goldberg, took to his Facebook to express his gratitude for meeting the monarch in Paris.“I had the honor this afternoon to transmit the seven universal principles – Noah’s seven laws – to His Majesty the King of Morocco, who had symbolically come to buy a pair of glasses at Jonathan’s, at 17 rue des Rosiers, a building where the Lubavitch synagogue is located that is also the oldest of Paris,” wrote the Rabbi.Impressed by the King’s modesty and tolerance, Goldberg added that the King “was very touched to hear our blessings-we recited in Hebrew the ritual braha on kings-and asked us to pray for him.” He added that they have also offered the King “the principle of the daily silent meditation minute that the Rabbi lubavitcher–who he said he knew well-had proposed to institute in every school in the world, with a box of tszdaka (justice or righteousness)”To conclude his message, the Rabbi wrote “long live the King.”Several photos of King Mohammed VI appearing in France have gone viral following his recent successful heart surgery.

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