Inauguration of 300-Crocodile Park in Southern Morocco

Rabat – A crocodile park was inaugurated in Agadir with the release of 300 crocodiles in the basins of CROCOPARC on Saturday, May 30. The crocodiles released during the inauguration ceremony are of the Nile crocodile breed.The project, the first of its kind in the Souss region and in Morocco, reportedly cost private investors an estimated 25 million Dirhams. The inaugurated park spreads over an area of 4 hectares in Drarga, in the suburban area of Agadir.The park has four main gardens, including a garden called “Blue” which consists mainly of blue Succulents, a water garden with a collection of water lilies and a tropical area of giant bamboo and other rare floral species. It also offers its visitors and a shopping and entertainment area. Prices have been set at 70 dirhams for adults and 40 dirhams for children. The park is open from 10:00 to 7:00 P.m. until June 20 and then 10 to 11 P.m. from June 21st until September 13th.

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