‘Game of Thrones’ writer reveals what The Night King’s sigil actually means

first_imgNew York: Unlike its previous season premieres, the eighth and final installment of ‘Game of Thrones’ was not at its gory best, but the dismembered body of young Lord Ned Umber in a spiral of severed arms left behind by the White Walkers was a point of discussion for the HBO show fans. The pattern that has appeared a lot on the show looked like The Night King’s sigil, which Beric Dondarrion said was a message from him. In an interview with New York Post, the premiere’s writer Dave Hill revealed what the terrifying symbol means. “As we saw with Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven, the spiral pattern was sacred to the Children of the Forest, who created the Night King by sacrificing a captured man in a spiral “henge of stones”. “The Night King then adopted the symbol as a sort of blasphemy, like Satan with the upside-down cross,” Hill said. The sigil was last seen in season seven, episode four. In the first episode of the series’ first season, the Night’s Watch came across a group of Wildlings who had been slaughtered by the White Walkers arranged in a similar fashion on the ground.last_img

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