ECM: The Alfresco Vision

first_imgA recent interview of Ovum Research with Alfresco Chairman and CTO, John Newton, gives a great overview of what’s going on at Alfresco, what makes Alfresco unique, and what their challenges they have are going forward.Ovum describes Alfresco as “one of the most promising open source software providers”. Alfresco is UK-based and has 90 employees, 550 customers, and 100 systems integrators. The Alfresco technology stack is pretty cutting-edge in their use of Java and their re-use of highly successful Open Source components. They’ve built on the Open Source community and they are giving back to it with a very well-conceived and well-executed product.It’s interesting that the Ovum article singles out only Microsoft as the Alfresco competitor. Microsoft SharePoint 2007. And from the very beginning of Alfresco, John Newton has also singled out Microsoft as their main challenger..The positives of Alfresco are the fact that it’s Open Source and can be integrated easily with popular technology languages like Java, JavaScript, PHP, and to some extent, even Microsoft’s .Net. On the other hand, SharePoint is a proprietary and closed platform.But even though it is closed and proprietary, Microsoft has built partner and ISV channels that are incredibly strong. Microsoft has always understood the power of their channel and they continually stoke it, trying to maintain and build their channel.Success in growing a channel is what Ovum sees as the main challenge for Alfresco going forward. Alfresco saw additional injection of $9 million this year and they expect to see Alfresco using some of that money towards growing their network.last_img

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