An open letter to Khemraj Ramjattan

first_imgDear Editor,Please allow me space in your publication to share my open letter to the Honourable Mr Khemraj Ramjattan, the founder/leader of the Alliance for Change.Mr Ramjattan, I am asking you to take the AFC out of this ‘paper coalition’. I would like to remind the public that this unholy alliance with the PNC was done against your wishes and advice.I recall clearly that in November 2014, you said that you were personally against such a move as it rendered the AFC as “dead meat”. Sir, those words have been proven prophetic; it pains me to see your humiliating treatment at the hands of the PNC leader Brigadier David A Granger. I believe it is not too late to trust the instincts that stood you in great stead during your illustrious political career. Mr Ramjattan, pull out of this coalition!If you do not, you are simply fulfilling your own prophecy of doom.The level of disdain and disrespect showed to our party by the PNC is reminiscent of that shown to Peter D’Aguiar by Forbes Burnham; imagine your face is not even on the campaign posters at this late date.The PPP hatchet-men are having a field day making a mockery of us just as you predicted back in 2014.Mr Ramjattan, I am sure that the PNC will betray you and all of us who support the AFC, let us thwart this final act of treachery!I am certain that once the AFC removes itself from the PNC and its dictatorship-style leader, the members and supporters who left after becoming disillusioned will return. Our only hope for the future of the AFC is a return to the polls as a single entity, with our own values, ethics, and morals that you embody.Let us regain our pride that has been trampled on by the PNC and work with you to rebuild our ‘third force’ until one day we become the ‘main force’.Yours faithfully,Keyara Johnsonlast_img

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