Private universities: Parasites of country

first_imgPrivate universities are flourishing in India but they are the biggest spoiler of the education system in India. Indians considered universities as a temple of education with education considered free to the eligible students during ancient time. They use to be funded by govt and affluents in society. The education was imparted to students based upon their merit and mediocracy was always rejected. Private universities are the biggest spoiler of the education system in India. These universities and colleges are not being micro-managed by govt instead they are getting support from bureaucrats and politicians for minting money both from govt and students. These universities get funds from govt for research in connivance with research organisation of govt and also charge money from the students. It is actually the tip of the iceberg of corruption which is prevalent with private universities. Private universities keep staff only on an ad-hoc basis with the promise to pay the faculty as per UGC guidelines. But none of the staff in private universities and colleges gets pay as per the guidelines. It is evident from the very fact that despite PM’s instructions to distribute full pays to their employees for the period of lockdown only part payment is made. This can be verified by income data of staff since most of the payment is made through banks in the salaried account of the staff. Most of the faculties in private universities and colleges are incomplete and it is completed with the appointment on paper. The staff appointed are to attend colleges at the time of inspections only and even their salaries are credited and then employee on paper returns the money to administration to generate black money. Actually, the govt is exercising no control and no checks are being carried out on administration of these universities as their owners are high profile businessmen and politicians. Sometimes they are minority institutions with many privileges attached to it. These private universities have made the education system in India a highly profitable business with the support of govt. This has also made mediocracy to succeed in professional colleges if they have money with them. This has brought our health care below standard and doctors are asked to earn money for their pay and give sufficient money to hospitals. Private universities charge heavily to all types of students which include undeserving candidates. These undeserving professional to earn what they have spent during their studies flouts all professional ethics.last_img read more