Los Alamos History Museum Launches Home Activities

first_imgHistory Museum News:The Los Alamos History Museum buildings are closed, but there’s now a way to bring the museum into your own home. The museum’s new History at Home page has hands-on history activities for learners of all ages, and is available at http://www.losalamoshistory.org/historyathome.These activities include three fun long-term projects, and the History Museum is running a contest for them now through April 15. Complete any of these long-term projects and share it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #LosAlamosHistory to enter. The museum will award five winners a $25 gift certificate to the Los Alamos History Museum Shop.History at Home activities are ideas that get you engaged with local history. Practice being the historian or museum curator yourself as you document, tour, write, taste, and create history.Connect with the community and people around you with prompts that lead to reflection on history, from global events to family stories.The Los Alamos Historical Society preserves, promotes, and communicates the remarkable history and inspiring stories of Los Alamos and its people for our community, for the global audience, and for future generations. More information about the Historical Society can be found at www.losalamoshistory.org.last_img read more

The Walking Dead 10×10 Stalker recap

first_imgOn the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Alexandria came under threat.If you’re not up to date with The Walking Dead and like to avoid spoilers we suggest you don’t read any further.The episode opened up with Beta (Ryan Hurst) walking to an RV in an otherwise empty field. He was on a mission for Alpha (Samantha Morton) to find Gamma (Thora Birch) and bring her home for punishment. Inside the RV, two Whisperers were sat awaiting his arrival. As he entered they moved a seat and opened a trapdoor. Beta jumped down to a secret tunnel below.Credit: Bob Mahoney/AMCMeanwhile, at Alexandria, Rosita (Christian Serratos) was still struggling with anxiety after Siddiq’s death and having nightmares that the Whisperers would come and kill her baby. Gamma arrived at Alexandria and found herself outnumbered. She explained that she was there to help and told of how Alpha had lured their friends to a cave where the horde was waiting. She didn’t know if their friends were alive or had escaped. Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) wasn’t sure to believe her and Rosita punched her out cold. They stashed her in the prison cell while they decided what to do.Speaking to Gamma, they decided she wasn’t telling the full truth. She’d asked about the baby, who was her nephew. Eventually she admitted to killing her sister to please Alpha. She shed some tears as she explained and this convinced Gabriel she was finally telling the truth.Meeting with the council, Gabriel went into a rage. He wanted to torture the Whisperers, taking their fingers and teeth. Gamma/Mary gave them details on the location of the cave and explained that Whisperers would be guarding the entrances. Before they left, they received a distress call from one of the radio towers saying another herd was on its way. Gabriel left with a group, leaving Rosita and Laura (Lindsley Register) behind with a skeleton crew to guard the gate.Credit: Bob Mahoney/AMCThe call was a diversion set by Beta so he could launch a stealth attack on Alexandria. After killing those at the tower, he gained entry to Alexandria through a tunnel and climbed to the surface via Dante’s grave. Once inside the walls he made his way between houses and killed the occupants. He then waited for them to turn before letting them outside.While the few people on guard fought the newly created walkers, Beta gained access to where Gamma was being held and unlocked the cell door. He asked her to come to him and said Alpha wanted her back. She refused and said Alpha just wanted her in pain and defiantly said she was not afraid of Beta. Laura walked in and held a weapon to Beta’s throat while telling Gamma to get help. She ran outside to raise the alarm and Beta knocked Laura out. Judith (Cailey Fleming) heard Gamma calling for help and let her inside her house. Beta came outside and went in after them. Inside was quiet so he crept around trying to find them. As he tried the last door, Judith fired a bullet from her father’s gun which knocked Beta to the floor. Judith and RJ (Anthony Azor) ran to safety but Beta wasn’t dead and he grabbed Gamma.Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMCRosita entered and overcame her anxiety to fight Beta. Gamma managed to put a stop to things by threatening to cut her own throat. Alpha wouldn’t have liked that so Beta left with her. As they walked away from Alexandria, Gabriel and his group jumped them and Beta ran way. Gamma told him what had happened and he believed her. After returning to Alexandria, Rosita left for Hilltop with Gamma and a few others. Elsewhere in the episode, Daryl (Norman Reedus) was trying to gain access to the mine to see if Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and Magna (Nadia Hilker) had survived the collapse. He was picking off Whisperers until he found the entrance and saw Alpha leading walkers back outside.He followed her to a creek and took out the other Whisperers before making a move on Alpha. He managed to injure her and she cut his head which bled into his eyes. It made it near impossible to see and he only just managed to fight off a group of walkers before turning back on Alpha. He had her pinned to the floor but she stabbed him through the thigh. Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMCHe managed to escape to a nearby gas station and Alpha tracked him by following his blood. The pair of them were both in a bad way. Daryl took shelter inside and looked for a weapon. Alpha sat in the doorway and banged her shotgun to attract nearby walkers. They attacked Daryl and he had another near miss and only survived by pulling the knife out of his leg to kill the last walker. Doing so caused him to lose a lot of blood and he began to lose consciousness.Alpha also passed out after trying to get to Daryl. She awoke to find Lydia (Cassady McClincy) stood over her. Alpha was delirious and even passed Lydia a knife to kill her. Lydia couldn’t do it and left with Daryl. When Alpha awoke she found a message carved into a nearby surface that read: “Your way is not the only way.”At the end of the episode, Alpha was found by some fellow Whisperers. She seemed to be thriving on the pain and declared she was “stronger than ever” and the “end of the world”.Can’t wait for the next episode? Read our preview of The Walking Dead – 10×11 Morning Star.The Walking Dead season 10 episodes air Sundays at 9/8c on AMC in the US and Mondays at 9pm in the UK on FOX.last_img read more

Former chief dissatisfied with Kalinago Festival planning

first_img Tweet Share LocalNews Former chief dissatisfied with Kalinago Festival planning by: Dominica Vibes News – May 2, 2015 Share Sharecenter_img 173 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Former Kalinago Chief Garnet Joseph (file photo)Former Kalinago Chief Garnet Joseph is dissatisfied with the manner in which a major festival carded to take place in the Territory is being organized. The Kalinago Council announced last month that it will host the first ever Kalinago Festival from 3-5 July 2015 which is expected to enhance the service industry and to foster a greater economic climate for the people of the East-North Eastern district of Dominica.A number of activities have been planned for the major event which is expected to attract citizens of the French territories of Martinique and Guadeloupe.Joseph told an interview with Dominica Vibes on Friday 1 May 2015, the possibilities of hosting the event as planned are slim as no consultation has been held with residents and that activities such as these need proper planning. “I have heard the Chief on the radio talking about an activity that is planned for the 4th of July, what is interesting is that we have not been hearing too much regarding the preparation of this activity”.“So while we would like to support and ensure the successful implementation of this activity, its’ just that majority of the Territory is not up to date as to what stage that activity is at this time,” Joseph said. Dominica Vibes has been reliably informed that the Kalinago Council wrote to government seeking over three hundred thousand dollars to execute the event. It is not clear whether government has responded to the request. However, according to the former chief, there is not enough time to raise that amount of money for the 4th of July event. “I believe the successful implementation of that activity would be entirely dependent on raising that amount of money, so I have some concerns about that because between now and July, it doesn’t leave us with much time”.“So unless there is some godfather somewhere to be able to make these funds available, I am kind of doubtful that it will be executed as planned,” he said. The former chief informed that the Ministry of Kalinago Affairs has not been consulted on the preparations for the event which “is total disrespect to the office”. “The minister and ministry have not been involved, nor has the government of Dominica been involved. I think unless a major donor doesn’t come forward to make these funds available, I am not certain the full implementation of that event,” Joseph said. Kalinago affairs minister, Cassius Darroux told Dominica Vibes last week that he has not been consulted on the event. When Vibes News contacted Chief Charles Williams but he declined to comment.last_img read more

A captain’s knock at Khao Kheow

first_imgThe Pattaya Golf Society (IPGC) at the Elephant BarThe Pattaya Golf Society visited Khao Kheow on Monday, 24th March to play a stableford competition on the B and A nines from the yellow tees, with the large field divided into two flights at seventeen and under.The course was in fine condition with well grassed fairways and bunkers in good condition but with greens which were a lot slower than their advertised 9.5 stimp speed.  However an empty course was indeed a bonus and the first groups completed their task within four hours.In the second flight Masashi Iizumi continued his solid form with 31 points giving him third place, but a country mile behind the joint winners Rod Stevens and Larry Ang, both finishing with 38 points. In the top flight John Chelo and PJ Mitchell shared third place with 36 points but the winner, after a long time out of the golf picture in Pattaya, was PGS club Captain David Thomas.  His two under 38 points won the day and marked his first appearance at the top of the leaderboard for almost five years.  It was indeed a captain’s “innings”, including as it did a birdie ‘2’ on B8 to share the pot with Peter Ditz and Murray Edwards.Robbie Taylor generously drew the name of Mr Len for the consolation beer and the Booby Bevy went to Dave Edwards who for the first time in many a month managed to top thirty points.  Hopefully he will feel inspired to emulate this more often.  It had been another good day in the life of the Pattaya Golf Society.Plaiter’s feast at Pleasant ValleyOn Wednesday, 26th March the Pattaya Golf Society visited Pleasant Valley to play a stableford event in two flights with the cut coming at 17.6 and under and the second flight going off the white tees.  This was to cover the quirks of the twelfth and fourteenth tee shots but in reality it was not needed as results were to show.  The course was damp and soft and greens were slow.In the top flight Larry Slattery and Takeshi Hakozaki shared third place with David Thomas on 33 points whilst Greg Gawron and John Chelo shared the flight honours with 34 points each.In the second flight the advantaged of a short course showed, with Jack Robertson and John Mason sharing third place with 39 points and Masashi Iizumi posting 41 points for second.  The flight winner was Dave Plaiter with the best PGS points score this year so far, a whopping 46 points.  He also recorded a birdie ‘2’ on the fifth to share the bonus pot with Peter Ditz and Dave Moriarty, who fared similarly on the eighth and seventeenth holes respectively.Dave Edwards gratefully accepted the bar’s consolation beer whilst Rod Stevens was awarded the Booby Bevy as compensation for going one under and getting no other reward, except a handicap cut.  Pleasant Valley may be a little less pleasant next trip with everyone off the blue tees throughout!Good test at Pattaya CCAfter an absence of more than year the Pattaya Golf Society visited Pattaya Country Club on Friday, 28th March to play its monthly medal round on the revamped course.  Full of trepidation the group were very pleasantly surprised by what the course had become with a more challenging front nine with longer tee shots and contoured greens and a back nine which saw greens much better than when the group were there last time.It’s good to see the management commit a strong budget to upgrading the course and clubhouse and maybe now the dreaded Phoenix will have a serious contender for Pattaya’s all year round golfers.  It certainly is much better value for money and has a much friendlier attitude to its guests.The single flight played from the white tees and scores were steady, with John Holmes and Khun Wichai sharing third place with net 73, Wichai’s gross of 79 being the best of the day.  Sharing first place were Andrew Purdie and Larry Slattery on net 72 and it was especially welcome for Larry who was playing his final round this trip.Paul Sturgeon celebrated his imminent departure with the only birdie ‘2’ of the day, a prodigious effort on the newly raised seventh.Dave Edwards enjoyed the consolation beer as the lucky non winner and Masashi Iizumi took the Booby Bevy for his hero-to-zero performance which saw him go from 41 points on Wednesday to net 80 at Pattaya CC.  It had been an enjoyable return and the group is planning to play regularly there in the next few months.last_img read more

Thompson out on his own

first_imgIPGC Pattaya Golf Society at The Links BarMonday, Sept. 21, Bangpra – StablefordThe new week started for the Pattaya Golf Society with a trip to Bangpra to play a stableford competition on the well prepared course.A quick look at the weather forecast showed a thunderstorm at 9 a.m. and another at 4 p.m. and the golf gods obviously endorsed the meteorologists’ opinion and the group managed to play the round with no problems.  So what, then, was the reason for the generally low scores?  Fairways were good and greens were their usual testing best, there was a light breeze and the field was in good fettle.  Hmm…Stuart Thompson. There were no birdie ‘2’s and third place was shared by Jesper Hansen, Murray Edwards, Petri Takkunen and Andrew Purdie all with 27 points.  In second were Alan Flynn and Erik Anttonen with 29 points each but the winner Stuart Thompson was a full six points ahead after another solid round by the Australian golfer.The consolation beer went to John O’Sullivan and the Booby Bevy went to newest member Keith Boxshall, to mark his low score on his debut.  In reality it could have been awarded to many in the field after a rare torrid day at Bangpra.Wednesday, Sept. 16, Greenwood A & C (white tees) – Stableford1st David Thomas (9) 34ptsT2nd Craig Thomas (14) 33ptsT2nd Phil McClure (25) 33ptsThe big question on everyone’s mind was would we play today?  The huge storm that we were warned about duly arrived in Pattaya on Tuesday night, leaving many wondering about the prospect for golf the following day.  So it was a small but optimistic party that headed out on to the motorway, and into the gloom of gathering clouds on Wednesday morning.We arrived at a largely deserted golf course and prepared for our 10:15 tee time.  Whilst overcast, the weather looked to be holding, and hold it did.  In fact the course stayed dry until we reached C7, our 16th, at which point the heavens opened.  After ten minutes, it cleared but returned with a vengeance ten minutes later.  With just two holes to play, we soldiered on and amazingly, we played the last hole in perfectly fine and sunny weather.Carts were not permitted on fairways, which invoked our preferred lie rule.  Even though it wasn’t raining, the fairways were very wet and drives stopped where they landed, offering no run whatsoever.  Notwithstanding, the course was still eminently playable, with greens offering true and consistent run.No ‘2’s today, which preserved what would be a modest winner’s pot.  There is no doubt that the heavy rain, which effected play on our 16th and 17th holes, did leave its mark on scores.  Tied in second place on 33 points were the Aussie pairing of Phil McClure and Craig Thomas, only a point behind the day’s winner, David Thomas.Back at the Links, the lucky beer draw went to Peter Dunsmore, whilst no one from amongst our two groups did anything silly enough to warrant the booby bevy.  The day finished with most of us believing we got lucky; lucky that we were not rained off.  We pondered this whilst sipping our beers, watching water levels rise at an alarming rate in Soi Buakhao.  Some storm, but thankfully we got our golf in.last_img read more

At The Finish Line 11-6-15…Where only the truth matters

first_imgOakland Raiders Ken Stabler Fred Biletnikoff circa 1970’s (AP Photo/File)• The Oakland Raiders come to town on Sunday still carrying the life-long chip on their shoulder for a little thing called the “Immaculate Reception.”  Get over it boys!!!• Trust me, this one’s going to get me stopped on the street, but I ain’t scared . . . sometimes the truth hurts!  Ladies, hey ladies, if you’re gonna pull out of the parking space at whereverville, please know that someone is waiting to take it. This is not the time to do make-up, hair, cell phone or who knows what. Pull out and take it to the side . . . take it to the side!  I’m just sayin!Bill Neal• The Grand Lady of Donora . . . Ms. Almeda Pryor, will be honored at the 1st Annual Dinner and Benefit Concert Sunday, November 8, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. at the Willow Room, 800 Plaza Drive, Belle Vernon, PA 15012. The California University of PA Young and Gifted Gospel Choir will perform.  See ya there!  (What’s this got to do with sports you ask?  Donora, PA is the home of champions, or don’t you remember Ken Griffey, Dean Dan Tyler, Malcolm Lomax, Dane Tart and Judge Reggie Walton, just to name a few!!!)• Here is the first of what will surely be 20 more shout-outs for another one of the Valley’s finest, Brandon Simmons (The grandson of B.B. Flenory, the Valley’s greatest legend.) is the starting freshman d-back at Stanford University, one of the top academic institutions in the United States.  To accomplish either of these is tough enough . . . but to do both, go to Stanford and start as a freshman . . . I don’t believe ya heard me.• One more on the wall for Dwayne Woodruff.  “The Judge” is being honored once again for his dedication and commitment to Family Court, saving lives and enhancing our community.  Oh yeah . . . he’s also a Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl champion.• Speaking of the immaculate reception, aka Franco Harris, ever wonder why Franco can walk without crutches?  Because he knew when to get out of bounds.  Le’Veon Bell and the others who “fight the power” . . . there will be a price to pay . . . just ask Gale Sayers and Earl Campbell.  Live to fight another day fellas!!!< You Have Just Crossed the Finish Line >last_img read more

Photos : Lauren Marie Sesselmann Story.

first_imgAdvertisement 5iljNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vs8ellWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E44s( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) o27cyWould you ever consider trying this?😱k2qbiCan your students do this? 🌚huRoller skating! afeaSee more on YT⬇️⬇️⬇️See moredzvBody tricks that only special people can do pt-18t94xHow though? 🤔😂#AdrenalineJunkies8q1fA visualization of how Karma works w9tx8f2t5Powered by Firework Lauren Marie Sesselmann born August 14, 1983, is an American-born Canadian soccer defender, former forward and Olympic bronze medalist.Advertisement Sesselmann acquired Canadian citizenship in 2010 through her father, who is from Newfoundland and Labrador, and was called up to the Canadian national team for the training camp leading up to two friendlies against the United States in September 2011.Advertisement She won her first cap on September 17, 2011, as a starter at left back against the US, playing the full 90 minutes. She also started the second game on September 23, 2011.Advertisement Sesselmann was named to the 18-player Canadian squad for the 2011 Pan American Games at Guadalajara.She started at left back in four of five matches and appeared as a substitute in the other, helping Canada to win the gold medal.In Canada’s run to a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics, Sesselmann started all six matches, two at left back and four at center back.Sesslemann represented Canada in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. In the quarterfinal match against England, Sesselmann slipped and fell on the turf which resulted in a goal for England. Sesslemann was honored by Canada Soccer in June 2017 along with fellow Olympic Bronze Medalists Jonelle Filigno, Robyn Gayle, Kaylyn Kyle and Josée Bélanger. Advertisementlast_img read more