Puss N Boots: It’s All About The Connection

first_imgIt’s tough to know what to do next after you’ve sold more than 60 million records, won multiple Grammys, acted in movies, and basically conquered the world.Norah Jones did all that darn fast, and amongst a slew of other projects after her incredible run over the last decade or so, she decided to back off, blend in and get comfortable with two stellar fellow musicians on an ever-evolving side project called Puss N Boots, a country-tinged, Americana-feelin’ cool-as-all-get-out trio featuring Jones, Catherine Popper and Sasha Dobson.And by all accounts, including the band’s, it’s working out just fine. The group has a new record and a current tour underway including high profile gigs at the Newport Folk Festival and Neil Young’s annual Bridge Benefit, and lucky for DC area folks, they play the Birchmere in Alexandria on Wed Oct 1st.Most people know about Jones, but let’s not skirt past Popper and Dobson, who are truly accomplished musicians in their own right. Popper toured as bassist/background vocalist with Ryan Adams and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and Dobson has hit the road as a sidewoman for, who else, Norah Jones, as well as having her own budding career as a jazz singer/songwriter. No surprise there, everyone in her family is a musician, including her father, well-known jazz pianist Smith Dobson, and the whole family played the Monterey Jazz Festival when she was 12.But it’s the root connection and band vibe that really brought the three ladies of Puss N Boots together, as well as the attraction of everyone playing equal roles.“It is so much about that, as far as none of us having to be alone in it,” Dobson told me while walking her dog on a late summer day in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. “I mean, neither Cat or I have had to deal with the level of responsibility that comes along with being as widely known as Norah. It sounds like a dream come true, but it’s also probably one of the scariest, heaviest experiences ever, I can’t even imagine the pressure. So this band, even with higher pressure gigs, it works because we’re together in it, and we really are together in it. From what I know from Norah and Catherine, it’s just been really super fun and low pressure.”Dobson and Jones hooked up in 2008 after Jones returned from her second huge world tour, all amidst her stratospheric rise to superstardom, when both were laying low hanging around legendary NYC club The Living Room, and a bond was created that has only strengthened with time.“When Norah got back from her second record tour,” Dobson said, “I was just starting to dabble in hanging out at The Living Room with singer/songwriters, and she was well into that scene. I had stayed on the jazz path and she was dabbling in different worlds, and we lost touch. And when she got back, I was just starting to pick up the guitar and so was she, coincidentally. So I got us a gig at a pool hall, and we kind of learned how to play guitar at a pool hall for about a year or two. Our friendship has always included music, or been based around music.”After honing their new guitar chops together in the stimulating NYC environment, the two decided to start something more tangible and added the respected Popper to the mix, and lo, Puss n Boots was born. Jones asked Dobson to tour with her in 2010 as both opening act and backup musician on her tour to support her album The Fall — Dobson admits that “I didn’t even believe that I could do the job, but it worked out” — and after the tour ended, the trio got serious and made Puss n Boots a real commitment, writing songs, nailing killer covers (check out their stunning version of Neil Young’s “Down By The River” with Jones on lead guitar, below), and playing more shows, and after a few years at it, eventually releasing an album, No Fools, No Fun this past July.  A truly unique element of the project is that the three often play different instruments than they’re normally used to, making it just another way the ladies of Puss N Boots have found a common bond.“Catherine has a couple songs where she plays guitar, and I play drums on a buncha stuff, and Norah plays guitar on pretty much everything,” Dobson added. “Puss N Boots has been kinda been about like us all coming back together, and it’s been really fun to actually have a record out, because we can hone in on our thing a little bit more. We’ve never really had the opportunity to put so much time into it. It’s so fun.”And for all three, it keeps coming back to the relaxed and comfortable connection they have on stage, that’s what makes Puss N Boots what it is. Chill.“If I don’t know what’s happening I just look over at Norah and she smiles and I’m good,” Dobson said. “Stay connected on stage and you’re golden. And it’s really nice that people enjoy that, it seems to be kind of what we’re riding on as far as it all working out, and it not being like, a joke. It’s about having fun and sharing music and connecting, both with each other, and the audience.”last_img read more

Canaveral’s OOG handling sky-rockets

first_imgThe 229 ft (69.8 m) tall rocket reached an altitude of 44 miles (70.8 km) before separating from an 8,150 lbs (3.7-tonne) BulgariaSat 1 satellite.Once the Falcon 9 rocket booster has been offloaded from the drone ship, it will be transported to SpaceX’s rocket refurbishment facility, 700 yards (0.64 km) away.According to Port Canaveral, SpaceX is planning to launch its third Flacon 9 rocket on July 2.The Port of Canaveral also welcomed BigLift Shipping’s Happy Dynamic to the port, marking the first heavy lift vessel to call at GT USA’s Canaveral Cargo Terminal.Happy Dynamic transported and discharged oversized and overweight cargo, which originated from China, at the terminal.Joe Cruise, commercial manager at GT USA, marked the vessel call by presenting a commemorative plaque to Captain J.J.J de Boer (pictured below). www.portcanaveral.comwww.spacex.comwww.gulftainer.comwww.bigliftshipping.comlast_img read more

The Web’s grumpiest cat has hit her terrible twos

first_imgNEW YORK | Watch out world, Grumpy Cat has hit her terrible twos.The top dog in Internet cat stardom, known for her downward smile and bugged-out baby blues, spent her birthday Friday touring New York City with an entourage worthy of Hollywood.And Hollywood is where the funny-looking feline is bound, with a movie project in the works to add to her pile of endorsements and licensing deals that include her scowling face on limited-edition bags of Friskies Party Mix treats and her own line of “Grumppuccino” bottled coffee drinks.So who will voice the cat we love to caption? Grumpy’s not saying, nor are her humans, the brother-sister team of Tabatha and Bryan Bundesen.With her own agent, YouTube videos that have racked up millions of hits, T-shirts, calendars and a best-selling book available in 14 languages, exactly how much is this cat worth?“The business is doing very well,” Bryan laughed. “Grumpy doesn’t like to discuss specifics.”The humans, to be sure, are more than a little grateful.“We both were blue-collar people,” Bryan said — he a cable company lineman in Ohio and she a server at a Red Lobster near her home in Morristown, Ariz. “It has changed our lives. It’s been a blessing. We’re very thankful for it.”The grump’s real name is Tardar Sauce, so dubbed (and misspelled) by Tabatha’s now 12-year-old daughter, Chyrstal, soon after their female pet calico gave birth to her and three siblings. The cat was tiny and is still petite, a victim of feline dwarfism, and wobbles a bit when she walks due to elongated rear legs that have only added to her popularity.“She looks like a snowshoe Siamese is what we’re told most,” Bryan offers. “We’ve had some nice comments from people about it being nice that the spotlight’s on a cat that’s unique and has feline dwarfism. A lot of people are happy that it kind of spreads the message that it’s OK to be different. She’s also such a happy cat.”Grumpy is happy and extremely chill, with a reputation for falling asleep during interviews and seeking out dark corners to hide in.If it hadn’t been for Bryan slapping her photos on Reddit in late 2012, then following up with videos after their authenticity was questioned, Tardar might never have become a phenom.“People said her face was Photoshopped,” he said, so they took to YouTube to prove otherwise, earning about 1.5 million views overnight.Now, Grumpy’s YouTube channel has over 25 million views and 200,000 subscribers, with some wondering in comment threads whether the cat’s calmness might be of the medicinal variety.“It is absolutely unheard of to even think of drugging this kitty,” Tabatha debunked.While Grumpy has cashed in on Internet stardom, the field is far more crowded today. Any up-and-comers she has her eye on?“There are a lot of cats on the Internet but there’s no competition,” a good-natured Bryan said. “She has the grumpy market cornered. All the other cats can have the happy, funny stuff.”Follow Leanne Italie on Twitter at https://twitter.com/litalieOnline:https://www.grumpycats.com/Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Photos : Lauren Marie Sesselmann Story.

first_imgAdvertisement 5iljNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vs8ellWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E44s( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) o27cyWould you ever consider trying this?😱k2qbiCan your students do this? 🌚huRoller skating! afeaSee more on YT⬇️⬇️⬇️See moredzvBody tricks that only special people can do pt-18t94xHow though? 🤔😂#AdrenalineJunkies8q1fA visualization of how Karma works w9tx8f2t5Powered by Firework Lauren Marie Sesselmann born August 14, 1983, is an American-born Canadian soccer defender, former forward and Olympic bronze medalist.Advertisement Sesselmann acquired Canadian citizenship in 2010 through her father, who is from Newfoundland and Labrador, and was called up to the Canadian national team for the training camp leading up to two friendlies against the United States in September 2011.Advertisement She won her first cap on September 17, 2011, as a starter at left back against the US, playing the full 90 minutes. She also started the second game on September 23, 2011.Advertisement Sesselmann was named to the 18-player Canadian squad for the 2011 Pan American Games at Guadalajara.She started at left back in four of five matches and appeared as a substitute in the other, helping Canada to win the gold medal.In Canada’s run to a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics, Sesselmann started all six matches, two at left back and four at center back.Sesslemann represented Canada in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. In the quarterfinal match against England, Sesselmann slipped and fell on the turf which resulted in a goal for England. Sesslemann was honored by Canada Soccer in June 2017 along with fellow Olympic Bronze Medalists Jonelle Filigno, Robyn Gayle, Kaylyn Kyle and Josée Bélanger. Advertisementlast_img read more

Prostate cancer pep talk over lunch

first_imgBy Garry Howe Robert Thompson from Nine Mile Fresh loves the concept of the Cardinia Casey Biggest Ever Blokes Lunch….[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img