Apple buys glass cutters for curved iPhone 5 display

first_imgThe cash-rich Apple has the ability to invest and experiment whenever it sees fit, and the iPhone 5 screen looks to be no exception.DigiTimes is reporting that Apple has decided to invest in as manay as 300 of its own glass cutting machines in a bid to give the iPhone 5 a curved cover glass.AdChoices广告The reason for the investment by Apple is due to the high cost of the machines. With the margins manufacturers work to being quite small, they do not wish to make such an investment for what is at the moment an experiment. So Apple apparently pulled out its checkbook and bought the machines for them.Making curved glass for smartphones is a relatively new undertaking for a larger screen and therefore the screen yields are thought to be quite low at the moment. But with the investment in machinery Apple hopes those yields can be improved to the point where a curved glass cover for iPhone 5 is practical. After all, they need millions produced without fault.Apple wouldn’t be the first to ship a smartphone with curved glass as Samsung already achieved that with the Nexus S. It also isn’t the first foray into curved glass for Apple devices, as the iPod Nano used to have one.If a curved glass cover is Apple’s goal, and they combine it with the rumored tapered, bezel-free design, the iPhone 5 is certainly going to look very different to any iPhone that has come before it.Read more at DigiTimes, via Macrumorslast_img read more