Italy fines Apple 12 million for misleading consumers

first_imgTypically when you buy a new gadget it comes with a standard 12 month warranty. If you want to extend that then there’s an additional fee involved. And depending where you buy your gadget from they may push for that extended warranty due to the high profit margins they incorporate.Apple is no different. It offers a standard warranty, but also has the option of the AppleCare service. The problem is, what works for Apple in its home territory of the U.S. may not actually be legal in other countries. It seems that overlooking the consumer laws in Italy has just cost the company very dearly.What I, and clearly Apple didn’t know is that consumer law in Italy states companies offering electronic products for sale must provide a free two year warranty as standard. Apple instead offered its standard one year warranty, and then AppleCare as an extended paid-for warranty.The so-called “antitrust authority” in Italy, known as AGCM, reviewed Apple’s warranty practices and decided it was breaking consumer laws. Apple now has to pay $1.2 million in fines as well as changing its warranties for all electronic devices to two years free as standard. It’s unclear what this will mean for Apple customers in Italy who already have devices and paid for AppleCare.Apple has yet to respond to the findings of the AGCM, but there seems to be little the company can do to dispute the claims if they have been breaking consumer laws in the country.More at TNWlast_img read more