SVG Cabinet sworn in, opposition stages street protest

first_imgPrime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves on Monday unveiled his 11-member Cabinet as opposition politicians continued to protest the results of the December 9 general elections.The main opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) which has refused to accept the results of the polls staged a protest outside the office of the prime minister as the ceremony was taking place. The party has said it will file election petitions in the High Court on Tuesday.The Electoral Office said that the Unity Labour Party (ULP) had won eight of the 15 seats contested in the elections, with the remainder going to the NDP that has vowed not to attend parliament until the results are nullified.The new Cabinet showed a mixture of experience and newcomers, including women, with two members of his family being given ministerial appointments.Prime Minister Gonsalves retains ministerial responsibilities for Finance, the Public Service, National Security, Grenadine Affairs, and Legal Affairs, while his son, Camillo, who was elected to office for the first time has been given the responsibility for Economic Planning, Sustainable Development, Industry, Trade, Information and Labour. The younger Gonsalves had served as foreign affairs minister in the previous administration.The Prime Minister’s cousin and ULP general secretary, Julian Francis, has been appointed a senator for a fourth consecutive term, and holds ministerial responsibilities for Transport and Works, Urban Development and Local Government.last_img read more

Writer’s Block: Ode to the Super Blood Wolf Moon

first_img Share By DINA ARÉVALOPort Isabel-South Padre [email protected] a life-long science fiction aficionado, I often gaze skyward and think of the potential heights humankind might one day reach among the stars.Starships that travel the galaxy and, as the opening credits for the Star Trek franchise say, explore new worlds and new civilizations? Perhaps.Or, closer to home, will we explore the red terrain of our neighbor Mars?That particular dream appears closer to fruition thanks to all the work by SpaceX out at Boca Chica.It’s a bittersweet thought, but I know I won’t be around by the time the Star Trek or Dune or Firefly or Foundation-type technologies come around, if they ever do. However, regardless of the future accomplishments of our species among the cosmos, there’s still a lot to be awed by right now.One of those things is something we probably all take for granted 99 percent of the time: the moon.But, this week was a good reminder of just how spectacular our world’s only satellite is. On Sunday night, the moon regaled sky watchers with a one-of-a-kind lunar eclipse dubbed the super blood wolf moon.“Super” for the relatively large size the moon appeared to be from here on the ground — Sunday was the closest a full moon will be to the Earth all year. “Wolf” for the traditional name of a January full moon. And “blood” for the crimson color that shaded the moon as the Earth cast its shadow upon the lunar surface.It was a spectacular show. And for all that, I almost missed it.I forgot it was going to happen, until the eclipse was well underway. By the time I remembered, the moon was fully in the Earth’s shadow.Why does the moon turn red during an eclipse? It’s because whatever sunlight reaches it has to first pass around the Earth. Many of those light rays get filtered through our atmosphere, leaving only the longest wavelengths of light left to illuminate the moon.Those just so happen to be on the red end of the visible spectrum. Someone once describe it as being the light from all the sunsets on Earth. I liked the poetry of that idea.In any case, the moon was completely red by the time I remembered the eclipse was happening. I stood outside on a lonely country road with just a few streetlights dulling the view. Thanksfully, they couldn’t outshine the light show happening directly above me.Craning my neck all the way back, I looked up at the garnet that was moon hanging at its zenith in the sky. Surrounding it, a crown of shimmering stars and constellations. Orion in one corner, Andromeda in another. Cassiopeia and Ursas Major and Minor. All the major stars of the major constellations.But, between the dimmed moon and the darkness of the countryside, all the minor stars and galaxies were visible, as well. Shining hard and bright, like chips of diamond. I stood there silent for a moment, simply taking it all in.Want the whole story? Pick up a copy of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here. RelatedWriter’s Block: May the Fourth Be With YouBy DINA ARÉVALO Port Isabel-South Padre Press [email protected] If you’re a fan of science fiction cinema, and of Star Wars in particular, then this week’s column title is probably something you’ve heard before. For several years now, May 4 has been celebrated as Star Wars Day by Star Wars and sci-fi…May 5, 2017In “Editor’s Column”Writer’s Block: Live Long and ProsperBy DINA ARÉVALO Port Isabel-South Padre Press [email protected] “I have been … and always shall be … your friend.” Those were the words Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy, said to Capt. Kirk as he lay dying of radiation poisoning aboard the crippled Starship Enterprise in the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath…March 8, 2015In “News”Writer’s Block: Babes and BluebonnetsBy DINA ARÉVALO Port Isabel-South Padre Press [email protected] Welcome to March! For the Rio Grande Valley, March is a time of interesting dichotomies. A time in between times. A time of cold and gray days brought on by the last hurrahs of winter-like cold snaps, and a time of piercingly sunny…March 8, 2019In “Editor’s Column”last_img read more

Pierce, Hutchings File For Borough Mayor Race

first_imgPierce was first to file last fall. He previously served two terms (2004-2008) as Sterling’s Borough Assemblyman. He retired in 2015 after spending a 39-year career with Enstar Natural Gas. Hutchings most recently led the voter initiative which made Soldotna a home rule city. She has also served on Soldotna’s Parks and Rec Commission and the State Worker’s Compensation Board. The daughter of Soldotna homesteaders, Hutchings has spent her career as CFO of the Hutchings Auto Group. Pierce: “I can tell you, my background and my experience, I never asked for more than I needed and I used what I received and while I was using it, I was being monitored as to how I was spending it. And I do’t think it should be any different in any department in our borough or in the school district as well.” FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Two candidates have already filed their letters of intent for this year’s Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayoral election: Charlie Pierce and Linda Hutchings.center_img Current Mayor Mike Navarre is term-limited out in October. Hutchings: “After WWII my father was decommissioned from the Navy and they moved to Alaska and on to the Kenai Peninsula. Our neighbors and friends were part of the people that made the City of Soldotna in 1960 and then worked on the Kenai Peninsula Borough in 1964.”last_img read more