Bouachrine’s Brother Loses Temper, Breaks Phone of Journalist Covering Trial

Rabat – Speaking with Morocco World News, the journalist said that some people told him not to take photos while he was trying to take some at the hall of Casablanca’s Court of Appeal.“I stopped immediately when some people told me that I cannot take photos.”After a while, Bouachrine’s brother lashed out at the MWN journalist and forcefully took his phone. “He told me to delete pictures and I told him that I did not take any and that he can check himself,” the journalist said.Bouachrine’s brother broke the phone of a Morocco World News journalist todayAfter returning the phone to the journalist, Bouachrine’s brother attacked the journalist a second time and broke his phone.The attack against the Morocco World News journalist happened in front of several journalists.The MWN journalist received such treatment from Bouachrine’s brother, who, himself, deplored the “lack of press freedom” throughout his trial.The Morocco World News team, therefore, condemns the unprofessional and irresponsible act of Bouachrine’s brother against its journalist. read more