Some elements of GPF are bent on criminalising protesters

first_imgDear Editor,So far, all of the protests, since the passage of the No-Confidence Motion, let me repeat, every last act of protest by the people of this country has been peaceful. However,there are some elements within the Guyana Police Force that are out to make these events a criminal offence, or in other words, make certain protesters out to be criminals. This was evident from actions by some of its members at Cornelia Ida, when Police officer/s were seen committing acts of aggression – pushing and shoving innocent protesters. The agitators were out in their numbers (black flags in hand) sending the clear message to David Granger that he is illegal and a violator of our Constitution. This is legal, straightforward behaviour which should at least be tolerated by this usurper of power.But this illegal President would have none of it and his immediate reaction is to harshly put an end to dissent.In the first place, Granger would have been highly annoyed that these acts of civil disobedience were spontaneous outbursts of massive support by ordinary people, as was the case in most instances which were not sponsored or inspired by the Opposition.This is evidence of pure people power, a groundswell of discontent that has enveloped this entire country.We are in a dictatorship led by a military man disguised as President who is hell-bent on putting down all forms of dissent, this is unacceptable. We have grown accustomed to democratic rule and that is what we are going to get, so Mr Granger should get used to protest actions.And to those members of GPF who are making out those protesters to be criminals, they should be ashamed of themselves. These people on the protest line are not criminals. Let me remind those errant police officers that it is the PNC, when on the protest lines, that chanted “kill the police” in tones loud and clear. These were direct acts of aggression aided and abetted by the same party and people who are now trying to make criminal the actions of peaceful protesters. So, to our policemen of a noble Force, do not be fooled by evil people who are trying their utmost at making the police look bad. So, officers, be on the alert, do your job honestly and professionally, do not be sidetracked into a situation where you become a political entity or a puppet Police Force – used and abused by an illegal Government.We are a peaceful people standing up for our rights, to which we have every legal entitlement!Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img read more